Test, Exams & Promotions

Weekly Test

With the objective of continuous and comprehensive evaluation, tests are conducted every week as per a well planned schedule. Weekly assessments are added to the final report of every student.


Play Group to class V, no formal examinations are held. A continuous evaluation of the child is done and record for the same is maintained. Promotion is granted to them on the basis of weekly tests and performance in the class during the entire year. Hence, regularity in attendance and work is imperative.

For every class from VI onwards, four examinations in one academic year are held.


The school does not believe in the policy of detention, wastage and stagnation. No child shall be detained up to class V. Promotion will be granted on the basis of a continuous evaluation programme. The general criteria for promotion to the next class is that the child should get at least 40% marks in all the subjects. No student will be promoted to the next class if he/she fails to secure at least 40% marks in all the subjects. In the subjects where there is a practical examination, 40% marks in each of the theory and practical examinations is mandatory. At the same time Ranks and Scholar badges will not be awarded to those who fail to appear in any of the examinations either fully or partially. However, for the purpose of total percentage only the performance in the main subjects will be considered.

News & Events

New Social Baluni Public School Invites you to Multi-Sports & Fitness Summer Camp – 2022 from 23rd to 29th May 2022.

New Admission open for New Session 2022-23

New Pariksha Pe Chracha 2021

NewOur school has initiated online teaching through WhatsApp groups for classes Nursery to 8th.If your ward has not been added to the group till now please contact the school office and update your WhatsApp number.This would help your ward to be a part of E- classes & continue learning during this Covid-19 outbreak.