For Parents /Guardians

  1. The school believes in discipline and firmness. Slackness, disobedience and disregard of rules will not be accepted and any action likely to lower the image of the school is regarded as a breach of the school discipline.
  2. We expect you to attend all Parent Teacher Meetings. This is your opportunity to help us improve.
  3. Please do not enter any classroom or staff room to interact with a teacher directly. All communications should be through the Principal.
  4. The school is not responsible for loss of lunch boxes or water bottles etc. Kindly label them with name, class and section for your convenience. All articles lost and found are kept in school office.
  5. Do not write anything on the Report Card. Please feel free to confide in the Principal about specific problems.
  6. School Management reserves complete right to expel student who has bad conduct, practices immorality,insubordination, contempt of authority and long absence.
  7. Transfer Certificate for children withdrawn are not issued until all dues are cleared.
  8. Children when sick, should not be sent to school.
  9. Please meet the principal or a teacher when you receive a note to do so.
  10. Report card is important and should be kept safely. Duplicate Report Cards may be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-
  11. Please take permission of Principal before you take photographs in the school.
  12. All school trips and excursions will originate and terminate at the school.
  13. Please refer to the student’s almanac for unit tests,examinations,holidays and other information.
  14. Please do not walk on the school lawns or pluck flowers.
  15. Payment of fee is the responsibility of the parents and it should be paid in time.
  16. If the fee is not paid in time, the school has the right to strike off the name of the student from the school rolls.
  17. Mobile phones, expensive watches, transistors, radios, tape recorders and jewellery should not be brought to school.
  18. Your co-operation will help your child to progress.
News & Events

New Pariksha Pe Chracha 2021

New Admission open for New Session 2021-22

NewOur school has initiated online teaching through WhatsApp groups for classes Nursery to 8th.If your ward has not been added to the group till now please contact the school office and update your WhatsApp number.This would help your ward to be a part of E- classes & continue learning during this Covid-19 outbreak.