House System

To foster healthy competition, team spirit, leadership and fair play, all students of the school are divided into four Houses. Each House is headed by one student known as House Captain who is assisted by a Vice Captain and some prefects. One teacher, assisted by a few other teachers, is appointed to oversee the House activities. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year for their performance in academics, cultural, literary, sports activities, discipline and behaviour. The House getting the highest marks is adjudged the Best House of the year. The student appointees of each House are also responsible for maintaining discipline in the school premises.


Alaknanda river is considered the source stream of the Ganges. It rises at the confluence and foot of the Satopanth and Bhagirath Kharak glaciers in Uttarakhand. It flows past the Hindu pilgrimage centre of Badrinath and meets the Bhagirathi river at Devprayag after flowing for approximately 190 km. Its main tributaries are the Mandakini, Nandakini and Pindar rivers.


The Bhilangna is one of the most famous and popular rivers in India. Also, it is one of the Himalayan Rivers in Uttarakhand, India. Bhilangna, rises at the foot of the Khatling Glacier (elevation  3,717 m (12,195 ft)) approximately 50 km south of the ice cave at Gaumukh, traditionally considered the source of both the Bhagirathi and the Ganges and flows into the Bhagirathi at Old Tehri, the site of the Tehri dam. The Bhilangna River meets the main tributary, the Bal Ganga at Ghyansali with the height of 976 meters.


Bhagirathi river is considered the source stream of the Ganges in Hindu mythology. The Bhagirathi rises at the foot of the Khatling Glacier approximately 50 km south of Gaumukh which is traditionally considered the source. The river flows from its source for 205 km before meeting the Alaknanda river at Devprayag.


Mandakini river emerges from Chorabari Glacier near Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. The river merges with kaliganga near kalimath temple and with Madhyamaheshwar Ganga near ukhimath. The Mandakini is mentioned as one of the transcendental rivers in the holy religious work Srimad Bhagavatam.

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New Admission open for New Session 2021-22

NewOur school has initiated online teaching through WhatsApp groups for classes Nursery to 8th.If your ward has not been added to the group till now please contact the school office and update your WhatsApp number.This would help your ward to be a part of E- classes & continue learning during this Covid-19 outbreak.