Vice Principal (SBPS)

“Educating the mind without educating the heart education at all “ Aristotle

School life is valued to be the best experience of one’s life. It is that phase of life where we learn to express, to create, to explore, to inspire and to innovate thoughts and ideas. It is our belief that our children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Every scholastic year unravels a new vista in the field of education thereby challenging the education to be updated. Information technology and the use of internet is the need of the hour. Its usage has increased tremendously; at the same time educating our children towards the ill effects of internet and social networking site has become a necessity.  A mature approach towards this issue with the help of our parents will lay a firm foundation for our students. Academic excellence with character and personality development of our students is our ultimate goal.

 “We want our children to be like a tree to stay grounded and connected with their roots.


We want our children to be like birds to spread their wings and soar high in the sky”

Vice Principal, SBPS