Chairman (Polygon and Social Group of Companies)

Social Baluni Public School is one of the state of art education initiative in Uttarakhand by our group. We are always dedicated towards the glorious dawn of the children of Dehradun and other adjacent areas. The dedication of Social Group of Companies in the state of Uttarakhand  is presence last two decades for the service of mankind and as a part of our venture. The Social Baluni Public School is one of the initiative. We believe the value addition of our children with local and Indian traditional culture with acquiring knowledge of modern science and technology. In this aspect our emphasis is more on development of our future generation to be a good human being to serve our country as head high.

Our level of teaching is not only the formal education but also education of local language, environment protection, culture heritage and respect.

Our aim is to provide quality education with minimum fee that benefits and suits every individual from different strata of society.

Dr. K.S. Panwar
Polygon and Social Group of Companies